Summer Update #2

Bridge Building event on the beach and English classes

Both of these events were focused on bridge-building. We had the honour of bringing Syrian, Iraqi and Lebanese youth together for games, food and education!

The English classes ran for 1 month and we saw many of the young people work incredibly hard. One boy was even able to engage in semi- fluent conversation at the end of the month.

Additionally, the bridge-building event at the beach was an incredible day. We had games, food, laughter and education. Simply seeing so many youth of different religions, nationalities and walks of life having fun together really encapsulated our heart here at FFR Lebanon!


Forgiveness Camp at Baysariye

This camp was the third Forgiveness Camp we were able to do this Summer. Here we hosted around 60 kids who were almost entirely Syrian Refugees for 4 days of fun, games and education. This camp gave us the opportunity to help some the kids with severe trauma from their experiences in Syria. Once again we marvelled at the power of Forgiveness as an agent of healing and restoration.

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