Ramy Taleb – Director

Ramy is the founder of FFRL; his journey into the field of peacebuilding began when he won a scholarship to spend time with an organisation working in community based peacebuilding projects in Northern Ireland, inspired to do so after being born into and living through the Lebanese civil war.

He ended up staying in Northern Ireland for five years and developed particular knowledge and experience in the role of forgiveness through his work with the International Forgiveness Institute. Further experience took him to South Africa and then eventually back to his homeland of Lebanon, working as peacebuilding coordinator for Caritas Lebanon before stepping out to pursue his own vision for what would become the Foundation for Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Lebanon. He lives in the south of Lebanon with his wife Roula and their two children; JD and Deborah. Together they began running Forgiveness Journey programs from their home and in a local school for Syrian refugees, before establishing the organisation further a field in Lebanon with other communities and partnering with other organisations. 

Roula Taleb – Programme Co-ordinator/Administrator

As well as co-ordinating programme content, Roula has particular experience in working with younger children. In the past she has run an FFRL course tailored specifically for young Syrian refugees in a local school. She has great capability at creatively shaping FFRL programmes to meet the unique requirements of each group that FFRL work with, no matter what age or ethnicity. Roula also leads any of FFRL programmes that might deal solely with female participants.