Young Leaders

Ambassadors for Peace

Part of our mission is to empower young leaders as ambassadors for peace, so that as they take up their various roles and responsibilities in society they will be equipped with the tools to transform conflict, prevent violence and build sustainable relationships.

One of the ways in which we do tis is through ongoing, weekly youth events with our local church diocese. We believe in committing to coming alongside young people for the long-run, and particularly with regards to those in our immediate community. We make opportunities available to them to be young leaders in our other projects, to put to use what they learn during our weekly meetings and engage with other, likeminded youths from a variety of backgrounds.

Team building games during a peace camp.

An important aspect of this is social outreach, where we task the young people to think about how they can make a difference in their communities and in society now, and to work together to implement a small initiative that could do this. This could be a garbage clean up, delivering food parcels to families in need or hosting a social events for families, whatever they dream up and can make a reality.

We believe young people possess the capacity for real change in the future if they are given opportunities; if they are trusted; if we seek to understand their hopes and fears, and if we listen to the change that they want to see, so we may empower them to be that change.

We also host annual youth peace camps during the summer for wider communities and participants in our projects.

Social action garbage clean up on the beach.