Dialogue of Life

An Interfaith Project

Dialogue of Life is about creating a safe place for Christian and Muslim youth to meet each other, build understanding and establish lasting relationships. By including team building activities we encourage participants to work towards achieving common goals. As well as this, we guide them into constructive dialogue where we will emphasise the importance of expressing their ideas, views and faith, and encourage them to ask one another for better understanding.

We focus on one key topic area: the meeting place by John Paul lederach – Mercy, Peace, Justice and Truth. These are the four elements that we believe make reconciliation possible and we explore the commonalities and differences surrounding this from both Christian and Muslim perspectives, with regular contribution from local religious leaders.

An important part of Dialogue of Life is the emphasis on partaking in a communal meal together during each event, aiding good fellowship and time for building relationships, whilst also recognising the value that Lebanese culture places on sharing in meals together.