Play For Peace

Play For Peace is an initiative we have set up in partnership with Al Shabeb cub to advocate for nonviolence and peaceful conflict resolution through football.

Play For Peace consists of youth from all backgrounds who participate in ongoing mentorship as part of our forgiveness and peace curriculum. These regular workshops equip them with mechanisms to practice nonviolence and transform conflict on the football pitch and in their own lives. As they engage with various teams and communities throughout Lebanon they take the lead as young ambassadors for peace.

This is a project that allows young people to come together around a common cause whilst participating in something they are passionate about. It builds bridges between participants from diverse backgrounds – Lebanese, Palestinian, Syrian, Muslim, Christian and others. Something as simple as a game of football can build unity and overcome sectarian boundaries, Play For Peace champions diversity and embraces naturally occuring conflict – such as that on the football pitch – through restorative, constructive mechanisms and a strong belief in nonviolence.

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