How Hospitality Can Be A Vital Way Into Peacebuilding

A while ago Ramy was asked to offer a short reflection for Tearfund on the role of hospitality in peacebuilding, specifically with regards to how we work in Lebanon. Ramy talks about what a safe space looks like for diverse communities to come together.

In these uncertain and isolating times, where we can feel both more connected than ever and more distant all at once, lets build upon the shared experiences of us all being in this together to create more hospitable spaces in our lives, even if we have to do it via zoom or skype chats for the foreseeable future! More than ever technology gives us the ability to share our stories with each other, and to explore new creative means of doing so. The stories we tell are how we make sense of the world, its how we shape discordance into something more coherent. Lets embrace technology as a safe place, not as an echo-chamber for fear and anxiety, but a place to welcome each other into our own living rooms to share the hopes, fears, doubts and joys of this time together.

Read the article and watch the short video here.

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