Responding to COVID-19

Our classes and workshops may have halted, but our commitment to peacebuilding has not. 

That is why we are adapting our curriculum, producing video content and connecting with our students remotely to ensure our projects continue in any way they can.

The journey towards seeking peace begins within ourselves, and in these days of uncertainty where feelings of anxiety, depression and loneliness are felt by many, we are responding by utilising specific areas of our curriculum to support young people through these challenging times.

One way we are doing this is by developing a short series of videos which will be distributed through schools, teachers and parents in order to be shared with students. As well as this we are distributing content through leaders of community groups that we work with, as well as hosting our own online workshops.

Roula recording a video for some of our younger students.

We were also pleased to join a call with the international Building Leaders 4 Peace network yesterday. We discussed how quarantine does not change who we are in terms of our identity as peacemakers, and how we can live this out from the confinement of our own homes through measures such as the ones described above.

We continue to strive to be present for our local communities where we can, whilst being thankful for the wider communities we can connect with around the world to share support and encouragement.

Thank you for journeying with us, peace and good health to you all.

Zoom call with the Building Leaders 4 Peace network

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